Ten tips to prepare for a photoshoot

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A photographer's job is to take great pictures of your property, but they can only do that if the place looks its best. Small differences can have a big impact on the quality of your photos, so follow our tips to get your property ready. 


1. Keep it clean

Make sure the place is absolutely spotless for the day of the shoot. Kitchen surfaces should be gleaming, bins emptied and windows sparkling clean. Watch out for fingerprints on windows, mirrors and shower screens - these can show up in photos so give everything a really good wipe.


2. Clear away clutter


Your aim is to make your property look like a showhome so keep surfaces as clear as possible. Remove clutter such as paperwork, old magazines, clothes or any items unnecessary for the shoot. 


3. Stage the rooms


We recommend staging the rooms to create warmth. Neatly presented flowers, a bowl of fruit or a welcome basket are ideal. Books stacked stylishly on a coffee table add interest. Set the dining table with your best cutlery, white plates and a centrepiece, such as a candle or flowers. 


4. Turn on the lights


Open the blinds and turn on the lights to make the space feel warmer and more welcoming. If you have a fire (gas, electric or a real log burner), put this on to add a cosy feel to the room.


5. Use fresh linen and towels


Creating clean lines can do wonders for a room. Put out freshly coordinated towels and use fresh white linen on the beds. Use matching colours for the most attractive results.


6. Hide cables and wires 


Hide any visible cables in advance of the shoot. These can look unsightly in photos so tuck them out of sight or unplug anything that’s not essential.


7. Get rid of creases


Creases really show up in photos - to avoid the beds looking rumpled we recommend ironing the sheets so that everything looks nice and crisp.


8. Make the bathroom beautiful!


Make sure the toilet seat is down, and remove any unnecessary clutter like toothbrushes or bottles of toiletries (unless you have special toiletries out on show for guests). If there’s space, put a bottle of champagne and glasses out. If your bath is a feature - don’t forget to fill up the tub with a bubble bath. 


9. Consider your USP


Understanding and maximising your unique selling points (USP) in your photos will encourage guests to book. If the property is in an amazing location with great views, ensure the photos showcase this. If your top feature is a fabulous living space, a hot tub or a cosy wood-burning fire, make sure these are photographed looking their best.  


10. Talk to your photographer


On the day of the shoot, talk to your photographer and check that they are happy with how the rooms are looking. Don’t forget to ask them if they need any last-minute adjustments. 


When it comes to finding a professional photographer, look for someone who has proven experience in shooting homes and interiors. For UK property owners, we recommend using the photo agency Snappr, which offers on-demand property photo shoots in locations all over England, Scotland and Wales. 

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