Optional extras/fees - pet charges and tourist tax

Modified on Thu, 07 Mar 2024 at 01:41 PM

We do not collect additional fees, including charges for pets and tourist tax, as part of the booking fee. At present, booking websites only support the collection of mandatory fees such as cleaning fees as part of the booking.


TravelNest Tip: If you wish to add optional extras that guests can pay for after they have booked, we recommend highlighting these in your property description, and making it clear to guests that these fees are due to be paid and collected separately from the booking charge that they've already paid. This also creates an opportunity for you to reach out to your guests prior to their arrival, to enquire if they would like to take advantage of any optional extras you provide.

Booking.com and recently Expedia, auto-generate their own descriptions, as such any extras you might have added to your TravelNest descriptions are not sent to those two channels. We can manually add your extras to the only section we can actually free type called property information on Booking.com but is very limited on how many words we can use.


We’ll continue to support a cleaning fee, as this is mandatory and supported by each channel. You can add this fee to your TravelNest account in the Cleaning fee section of the Property Profile. 

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