How our fees work

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Our fees are designed to be straightforward and easy to understand. You only have one payment per booking which you only pay when we pay you for bookings! 

We charge a 5% Travelnest Fee per booking, plus a 15% Channel Commission.

It is completely FREE to join Travelnest. We don’t charge any setup fees or a monthly subscription. We keep things simple with a 5% Travelnest Fee per booking, plus a Channel commission of 15% per booking. You’ll have access to all our 30+ channels, all our great product features and optimisation expertise to help you create great listings that attract bookings.

Please note, if you use Travelnest direct bookings, there are no channel commission! 

5% Travelnest Fee

This is our fee, charged per booking. It’s 5% for all bookings, no matter which channel the booking comes from. This gives you access to over 30 global channels, all of our great product features, customer support and industry-leading expertise to improve property performance on every channel.

15% Channel Commission

We make your life easier by handling ALL of the channel commissions, processing guest payments and arranging payments to you. 

We charge the same 15% channel commission on all bookings, and you'll always know what you are being charged regardless of which channel a booking comes from. 


We'll charge VAT on the fees which will be deducted from your pay-out. The amount that we deduct from each booking is our fee, plus VAT if your Travelnest account is registered with a UK address. If you are VAT registered in the UK, you can then claim the VAT back. 

You will receive a VAT invoice whenever a payment is made to you. This will detail what we are paying you and breaks down the fees per booking. If your Travelnest account is registered to an address outside of the UK, VAT will not be charged on our fees. It is your responsibility to ensure you pay VAT and/or tax according to the law in your country.

To remain exempt from paying UK VAT you will need to provide an international correspondence or business address in your Travelnest Account. For the avoidance of doubt, all account addresses that are UK or Northern Ireland will have VAT charged.

Frequently asked questions:

How and when does Travelnest collect fees?

Travelnest only charges fees on bookings where a guest stays or a booking is cancelled and the guest doesn’t receive a full refund. Our fees (5% Travelnest Fee + 15% Channel Fee) + VAT where applicable are deducted from the total value of each booking at the time payment is made to you. You can see the details of individual bookings in your customer account.

When do I get paid?

You will receive your weekly payment and statement on a Wednesday for all arrivals up to the previous Sunday. For more information please read our guide here.

Are there any Channel uplifts?

Sometimes the channel or Travelnest will add an uplift to a booking. This is dependent on the fee we charge you and the fee that the channel charges us. This is calculated automatically by the channel or us depending on these settings. Uplifts only apply to some channels because of this. All properties with accounts created prior to 1st April 2021 will continue to have uplifts added where appropriate. Properties where the account was created on or after April 1st 2021 will not have uplifts added due to them being on the new fee structure.

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