How to snooze/deactivate outside listings of Travelnest

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This guide will help you understand how to snooze or deactivate listings outside of Travelnest.


When you begin working with Travelnest, we request all property owners to (snooze) or deactivate any existing listings they have directly on other platforms e.g. Airbnb or This step is crucial to prevent duplicate listings and double bookings.

If you decide to list your property on the same websites where you had listings before joining Travelnest, please ensure to snooze or deactivate them. Be advised that any duplicate listings could be removed by these booking sites as this would violate their terms and conditions. In some cases, your listings may not go live with Travelnest. 

If you decide to not snooze your external listings, you'll need to make sure you manage your Travelnest calendar and/or sync your external calendars to avoid double bookings. Should you choose to sync calendars, remember to deselect any booking sites on which you do not plan to list your property with Travelnest. You can do this in the 'Marketing' section of your account. 


In this guide, we cover some key FAQs and explain how to deactivate/snooze listings for each of our major booking sites.


Q: Why do I need to snooze/deactivate my existing listings?

A: At Travelnest, we create a single property profile for your property across all the booking sites you've selected in your 'Fees and Channels' section. We use the information you've provided in your property profile to build your listings on each chosen booking site. To avoid duplicate listings and double bookings, we request owners to either deactivate or snooze any live listings they currently have. 


Q: What if I want to stay on booking sites outside Travelnest?

A: If you choose to list your property on external platforms (for example, your own website or maintaining listings on booking sites that we offer) in addition to using Travelnest, please be aware that you are responsible for keeping your calendar updated with us for any bookings received through these external sources. This can be achieved by manually blocking dates or using our iCal synchronization tool. 



On Airbnb, you can opt to snooze your listing for a set period of time or temporarily unlist your space or deactivate your listing from the platform. Here’s an overview of the different options available. 

Travelnest recommends temporarily unlisting your property. This action will remove your property from search results but gives you the flexibility to reactivate your listing on the platform whenever you wish to do so. Deactivating your listing will automatically cancel any future bookings you may have, whereas snoozing your listing provides you with the option to honour your existing bookings. 

  • See Airbnb’s community guide on how to temporarily unlist your property. gives you the ability to 'snooze' your listing on your extranet account, which enables you to temporarily suspend your property listing on their platform for a period of your choosing. We recommend opting for this temporary snooze. To do so, you should follow the instructions provided in this guide from You can unsnooze your listing at any point before your selected end date.



On TripAdvisor, if you have a free listing you can take it offline yourself. This means you can reinstate your listing at any point in the future if you choose to do so. For annual listings, the process is different and you need to contact the TripAdvisor team direct.   


  • See TripAdvisor’s help guide to taking your listing offline.


On Vrbo, the process is similar to Airbnb in that you can hide your listing from search results for a set period of time. 


  • See Vrbo’s guide to hiding your listing.


On Expedia, you need to contact the support team directly to ask them to deactivate existing listings. You can do this via Expedia Partner Central.

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