Travelnest Host Charter

Modified on Fri, 22 Dec 2023 at 11:29 AM

We’re delighted to be partnering with you to boost bookings for your vacation rental. Please take a moment to review our Host Charter web page. This sets out how we work, and most importantly, what we need from you to ensure that every single guest has a positive experience in your property.


Most of these points are common sense, and you’ll probably be doing most of them already! However, if you have any questions about our charter, please get in touch with our team, you can find out how here.


1. Direct bookings

If you take direct bookings, e.g. from your own booking website or from a listing you manage separately outside Travelnest, please ensure your calendar is up to date at all times. If your calendar is not updated, you risk being double booked (and charges may apply).*


2. Calendar sync 

If you have listings outside Travelnest please use our calendar sync tool to connect each one to your Travelnest account. This will reduce the risk of double bookings. Our team are available to help you set this up correctly. 


3. Block unavailable dates

It’s also really important to block any dates when the property is unavailable manually in your Travelnest calendar. This means they can’t be booked until you unblock them.


4. Pricing

The price per night you add to your Travelnest account is what we send to the booking channels. It is essential to ensure that your price per night, minimum nights stay and arrival days are correct before your property goes live.


5. Listing accuracy

The information you add to Travelnest about your property needs to be accurate and clear, so guests know what to expect. Our team can help you optimise everything from your photos to your written description and more to help your property attract more bookings.


6. Property maintenance

We expect you to maintain the property to a good standard, to ensure the ongoing safety, security and comfort of all guests. We’ll share any guest feedback we receive about property maintenance with you.


7. Property cleanliness

The property must be cleaned thoroughly between each stay, taking into account of Covid19 cleaning protocols wherever possible. Our team can provide advice and guidance on what’s required, should you need this. We’ll share any guest feedback we receive about property cleanliness with you.


8. Guest communication  

Once we’ve confirmed a new booking with you, we expect you to provide your guests with timely arrival instructions and check-in information prior to their stay. 


9. Check-in experience

We also expect all our hosts to provide a welcoming check-in experience and to be available to help guests with any issues that arise during their stay.


10. Communication with Travelnest

Please ensure your personal details (including your email address and telephone number) are correct in your Travelnest account. These are required so our team can get in touch with you. Sometimes we might need to speak to you urgently, e.g. about a next-day booking, so it’s important your details are correct. It goes without saying, but we also expect you to reply when we contact you!




If you are unable to meet the requirements of our Host Charter, please note that we reserve the right to remove your property from our platform in the interests of guest safety and satisfaction. 

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