Booking notice period explained

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Booking notice is the number of days you require between a guest booking and arrival. Learn how to choose the right option for your listing.

Within the 'Booking notice' section of your Travelnest account, you can specify how much advance notice you require between a guests booking and their arrival. You have the option to choose a 1, 2, 3 or 7 days of notice for bookings. When you create your Travelnest account this will automatically be set to 1 day.


What do I need to consider for the booking notice?

If you do not live within close distance to your rental property and require more time to prepare for arrivals, or if you require cleaning services which need to be scheduled in advance or deep cleaning; factors like these can influence how quickly you are able to allow new guests in to a property.


How to set your booking notice period

Log in to your Travelnest account. From your home page, select the property for which you would like to set the booking notice period. Then, navigate to the 'Edit Photos, Description, and Set Availability' section. You can edit your booking notice on the right-hand side.


Please then tick the amount of days you require in notice before a guest arrives.


When you make changes to your property listing always remember to press 'Publish changes now' again so these updates can be made on the booking sites.

Please be aware that the booking notice period is operational until midnight of that day. For example, if you choose a 1 day booking notice period, a guest will be able to book the property at 23:59 the day before they are due to arrive. This is not a 24 hour notice period. Due to booking and payment processing this could mean that you are notified of the guest booking on the day of arrival.


If a guest books your property on Monday, they will be able to arrive at the property on Tuesday with 1 day notice. Wednesday with a 2 day booking notice, and Thursday with a 3 day booking notice. With a 7 day notice period, they can arrive from the following Monday.


The benefits of having a shorter notice period

We recommend having a shorter notice period to ensure you fill as much availability as possible. Due to current unpredictable travel conditions, many guests are preferring to make last minute getaways. Make sure you don't loose out on those bookings!


Requiring more than three days advance notice can result in fewer bookings, we recommend keeping the booking notice period between 1-3 days to allow for last minute bookings.


Please ensure that you are prepared to take on last minute bookings before selecting these options to avoid cancellations. Should you need to cancel a booking this may incur cancellation and relocation fees.


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