Owner invoices

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Understand the breakdown of your invoice statement:

Each month we will send you an invoice with a breakdown of your bookings. This statement reflects payment values and any deductions.

The first five columns detail the booking information. The Booking ID, which starts with TN, is a unique number used to find individual bookings. The Status indicates whether the booking was successfully booked or cancelled. The following 3 columns show the Arrival Date of the booking, the Channel the guest booked with and the Guest Name. 

You will then see Rent, which is the total amount the guest has payed based on your nightly pricing. 

If you have opted in to promotions and discounts, the following 4 columns will be populated with information. If you have not opted in to promotions and discounts, these columns will remain blank.

  • Discount Type: The discount you have activated and applied to the booking (e.g mobile rates, last minute).
  • Discount Rate: The percentage deducted from the booking value (e.g 10%).
  • Discount Value: How much is discount rate totals.
  • Discounted Rent: The amount you will be payed (before commission and VAT) with discounts deducted.

  • Cleaning Fee: If applicable, the amount you have charged for cleaning.


If you needed to cancel a booking the Travelnest Cancellation Fee will appear next. The Travelnest cancellation fee is £50 per booking.

Commission Rate: Commission (Excl. VAT)

VAT: Total Travelnest Charges (Inc. VAT)

Owner Payment Value 

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