How do I set up my pricing by seasonality?

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Setting up prices according to different seasons is crucial for optimising your revenue. Demand for properties can fluctuate greatly throughout the year based on factors like holidays, local events, or even weather patterns. By adjusting your pricing to match these high and low demand periods, you can ensure you're not only attracting bookings during peak times but also encouraging occupancy during slower periods. 

Seasonal pricing allows you to maximise your earnings, maintain a steady flow of guests, and make the most of your property investment throughout the year.

Good to know

  • Your property can't go live on booking sites until you've added pricing.
  • Booking sites recommend a minimum of 12 months of pricing in place at all times.
  • When setting up your pricing, to appear in more searches, allow guests to check in on as many days as possible.
  • Your property will be available for booking for all pricing periods you add to your Travelnest account.
  • If the property is not available for some dates, you must block these in your calendar. For a step-by-step guide, click here.
  • If you ask us to cancel bookings for dates not blocked in your calendar, a £50 admin fee applies, plus channel cancellation & relocation fees, where applicable.

How to use our seasonality option tool 

1. Log in to your Travelnest account. From your home page, select the property for which you would like to set up pricing by seasonality. 

2. As soon as you choose the property for which you would like to set up seasonal pricing, scroll down to your listing details. Once you find the 'Nightly pricing' option, click 'Edit'.

3. In the 'Nightly Pricing' section, you'll have a few options to set up your pricing. One of them is 'Smart Pricing', which can automatically set up your pricing for the next 12 months based on data-driven insights. 

However, If you would like to set up pricing based on seasonality, click on 'Generate Pricing'.

When you add your property to Travelnest, the pricing generator tool creates the recommended 24 months of pricing. All you need to do is add the following information:


  • Minimum night stay - keep this as low as possible.
  • The price per night.
  • Arrival days - offer to check in on as many days as you can to increase your visibility.

4. Select the seasonality option that best suits your needs from the dropdown list. We offer 4 different seasonality options:


Flat rate seasonality: Pricing is the same throughout the year. This is a good option if you want to maintain the same pricing for your property year-round. 


Quarterly SeasonalityPricing is split into different rates for spring (March, April, May), high summer (June, July, August) and low autumn and winter (September, October, November, December, January, February). This option suits those with a peak summer season and a reduced winter season.


Gradual Seasonality: Similar to Quarterly Seasonality but with a more gradual increase and decrease in pricing across the year. This is a popular option if you have year-round bookings and high demand in the summer months.


Summer Peak Seasonality: This option provides a flat rate throughout the year but with an increased rate during peak summer (June, July, August) only. This option suits those looking for consistent pricing throughout the year with a peak summer season.


Below is an example of how the Gradual Seasonality pricing option works.


If you don’t find a seasonality option that fits your needs, simply select the one that's closest to what you are looking for. You can opt to skip this and manually enter pricing. 

How do I set up my pricing automatically? 

To avoid the hassle of updating your prices manually, we highly recommend using our Smart Pricing feature. This dynamic, data-driven tool sets personalised, up-to-date nightly rates for your property for the next 365 days. It ensures you get the best rate for your vacation rental by adjusting prices according to local market trends. This feature could increase your revenue by up to 60%. 

For more information and learn how to turn on this feature for your property, see our guide here 

How do I edit or amend existing pricing periods? 

Read our guide here to learn how to edit or amend any existing pricing periods.

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