How to add and amend manual pricing

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When you create your Property Profile on Travelnest, adding pricing is an important step or you won't be able to list your property with us. This article guides you through the process of setting up your pricing for the first time, as well as editing existing pricing if changes are needed. Remember, once you establish your pricing, your calendar will automatically become available for guests to book. 

Good to know

  • Your property can't go live on booking sites until you've added pricing.
  • Booking sites recommend a minimum of 12 months of pricing in place at all times.
  • When setting up your pricing, to appear in more searches, allow guests to check in on as many days as possible.
  • Your property will be available for booking for all pricing periods you add to your Travelnest account.
  • If the property is not available for some dates, you must block these in your calendar. For a step-by-step guide, click here.
  • If you ask us to cancel bookings for dates not blocked in your calendar, a £50 admin fee applies, plus channel cancellation & relocation fees, where applicable.

Our pricing model

Travelnest uses nightly pricing where each night of the week has a price added in your Property Profile. 

We also use pricing periods. These are date ranges where set pricing is applied, e.g. from 1st January 2022 to 31st January 2023. Together, nightly pricing and pricing periods allow you to amend the price for any night. Once you've added pricing - your property can be booked.

How do I set up my pricing automatically? 

To avoid the hassle of updating your prices manually, we highly recommend using our Smart Pricing feature. This dynamic, data-driven tool sets personalised, up-to-date nightly rates for your property for the next 365 days. It ensures you get the best rate for your vacation rental by adjusting prices according to local market trends. This feature could increase your revenue by up to 60%. 

For more information and learn how to turn on this feature for your property, see our guide here 

Video: Setting up your pricing manually


This short video gives a quick run-through of how to set up pricing for your property through generator tool or manually.

When you add your property to Travelnest, the pricing generator tool creates the recommended 12 months of pricing. All you need to do is add the following information:


  • Minimum night stay - keep this as low as possible.
  • The price per night.
  • Arrival days - offer to check in on as many days as you can to increase your visibility.



Editing and amending existing manual pricing periods

It's a good idea to regularly review your pricing, and make any tweaks that are necessary to ensure your pricing remains competitive. Watch the short video (2 mins) where we explain how to change existing pricing.

For example, you may want to change your pricing, and increase your price per night for specific periods such as the Easter Holidays or over Christmas and New Year. 


Here's how it works


To update your pricing periods, visit the Nightly pricing section in your Property Profile. All of your current pricing periods will be shown in a list format. Select the period you wish to edit, and update the pricing accordingly. 


Example 1:


If you want to increase your weekend pricing in August, for example, simply select the existing pricing period containing the dates you wish to change. Change the pricing to a higher rate for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Your changes will save automatically. 


Example 2:


If you need to change your pricing for a specific duration where you already have a full month of pricing in place (e.g. Easter or bank holiday weekends), this is done by editing the existing pricing period for the month. Simply change the end date to the day before the uplift period. Then add a new pricing period to cover the dates on which pricing is uplifted. Then add a final pricing period to take the price back down following the uplift period to the end of the month in question. 

Below is an example of how pricing looks before and after a new pricing period has been added to cover the Easter weekend.






Example 3:


If you need to add a brand new pricing period, select the new period. Give the new pricing period a name, then select the start and end dates using the calendar pop-up. You’ll also need to include arrival days, the minimum number of nights a guest can stay, pricing currency (choose from pounds, euros, and dollars) and the price for each night.


Full week discounts

If you want to provide guests with a discount for booking a seven-night stay within a specific pricing period, you can also do this within the pricing section. Under Full Week Discount at the bottom of the page, you can enter a percentage discount to be applied to seven-night stays.


Removing a pricing period

To remove a pricing period, select the period you wish to remove and in the pricing period, page select the Remove Period button. This will delete the period and update your listings.

 Optimising your pricing

There are lots of ways to optimise your pricing throughout the year to increase revenue. Check out our guide on How to pricing your property competitively to attract bookings for expert tips on how to do this.

How to set up your pricing by seasonality

Seasonal pricing allows you to maximise your earnings, maintain a steady flow of guests, and make the most of your property investment throughout the year. To find out how to set up your pricing by seasonality read our guide here

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