How to write a good headline for your property

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When guests scroll through lists of available holiday properties, the title or headline is one of the first things they see. It's the gateway to the rest of your listing, so needs to grab their attention and get them to click to learn more. 

Follow our tips to create an enticing headline for your property listing. A great headline will encourage potential guests to explore your listing in detail and ultimately, book your property! Also, find out how you can easily edit your listing headline via your Travelnest account. 

Don't be generic

Don't use a generic title like 'Lovely holiday home' or 'Amazing vacation rental.' Titles like these don't convey any information about your property that helps sell it to potential guests. Instead, be as descriptive and specific as you can. Specify the type of property e.g. lodge, cottage, cabin or apartment and use the remaining space to highlight the property's best selling points. Stay away from abstract adjectives that don't actually describe the property.  


Don’t use property names or numbers 

Many homeowners, especially property managers, are tempted to use a headline like Montbleu Suites 4 @ Lost Woods or Bob’s Cabin. Doing this is confusing and makes it difficult for potential guests to easily understand the unique selling points of your property. Above all, remember who you are writing for - although naming your properties in this way might make your life easier, it means nothing to potential guests, and can detract from your property.

Instead, use a formula like this


Adjective + Number of Bedrooms + House Type (House/Apartment/Narrowboat) + Special Feature (Onsite Parking/Fireplace/Sky TV/etc.) + Another Special Feature


So, you get something like these:


  • Modern 2 Bed Apartment with Log Burner and Beautiful Views

  • Delightful 3-Bed Cottage with Hot Tub in Peaceful Woodland Setting

  • Luxury City Apartment for 10 guests - 2 mins from Bars and Restaurants

Highlight special features 

When selecting special features, think about what makes your property unique. Do you live in a city with parking issues, but offers free parking? Do guests have access to a private hot tub or sauna? Does your bathroom include a jacuzzi bath or rain shower?


If you have any of the following remember to include them in the title:

  • Private hot tub

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Garden with BBQ

  • Private patio, balcony, terrace 

  • Sky TV, Netflix, HBO, etc.

  • Fireplace, log-burning fire 

  • Washer and dryer

Keep the title to around 50 characters in length

Your listing headline should contain no more than 50 characters. Listings with longer titles are prioritised in search results on sites like Airbnb, so use all the available space you can. Remember to highlight the best features of your property to encourage guests to click on your listing.


Avoid confusing abbreviations

Having lots of abbreviations in your property headline might help you save on space, but they can be confusing for guests, and potentially put them off from booking your property. While simple abbreviations like 2-bed (two bedrooms) A/C (air-conditioning), or w/ (with) are OK, be careful of including too many and putting potential guests off.

How to edit your listing's headline

1. Login to your Travelnest account and from your home page choose the property you would like to edit the listing headline. 

2. As soon as you choose the property, you'll be able to see your listing details. Scroll down to find the section titled 'Edit, photos, description, and set availability'. There, you'll find 'Listing headline'. Click on 'edit'

3. In this section, you can either add your own listing headline or click 'Generate new title' for our platform to create one for you. 

4. As soon as you add your listing headline, simply return to your listing details. At the top of the page, click 'Publish changes now'. This will allow booking sites to update your listing headline. 

Travelnest tip: While we provide suggestions for descriptions and titles, you, as a property owner, know your property better than anyone else. Ensure that your descriptions are inviting and focus on the most important aspects of your property. 

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