Why is my listing not live?

Modified on Wed, 27 Mar 2024 at 11:35 AM

Here are some common issues that may be preventing your property listing(s) from being listed:

  • Tourist license - It is a legal requirement of some regions and towns in Spain, France, Greece and Portugal to have a tourist licence. Please see here how you can obtain a licence, and how to add it to your Travelnest account. 

  • Location - At Travelnest, we have a list of countries that we cannot onboard. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on properties in certain countries that are beyond our control. These restrictions are usually set by the channels themselves. To find if your property is in a restricted country, read our guide here.

  • Photos - Some of the channels do not accept listings with photos in portrait mode, particularly the cover photo. Photos can really help boost your performance, see our guide on what works best.

  • Invalid address or map location - Please ensure your address is complete and correct, and does not contain non-Latin characters. For example, please ensure your property has a postcode, street number and country code in the right sections and format.

  • Duplicate listing - Do you have existing listings on the channels? Duplicates are removed due to infringement, please follow our guide on how to snooze listings. Alternatively, please synchronise your calendar with any external listings. 

  • Listing headline - Certain words and characters will prevent your listing from going live. Please ensure your listing headline does not have full capital letters or non-Latin characters/symbols. Follow our guide on how to write a good headline. 

  • Availability and pricing - Your property must have at least 10 nights of availability within the following 12 months, and pricing periods to match. Read our guides on how to amend pricing and how to create a flexible calendar. 

  • Listing description - Listing sites have some requirements for listing descriptions which need to be met. The full description must be written using Latin characters, and cannot contain any links, phone numbers, or invitations to contact you directly away from the site before booking.

  • Cleaning fee - Cleaning fee is not required and we generally encourage you to include this in your rates. However, we still facilitate this if you prefer to charge this as a separate fee. If you have a cleaning fee on your listing, it needs to fit into the required range for all channels. Airbnb has the lowest minimum at $100 (around £80) or equivalent and Booking.com has the maximum at €2000 (around £1725). Any fee you set should be within these 2 amounts.

What should you do?

After reading the information above, log in to your Travelnest account and make the necessary changes to your property listing(s). For example, if you added an incorrect tourist license number, please amend that, then click on ''Publish''  to ensure your property goes live again after the changes you made. 

We recommend you check all the other points mentioned above, as you might be missing or have incorrect details in different sections of your account. 

Good to know: If you have read this guide and confirmed that all the details of your listing are correct, we highly recommend reading this another guide about restricted locations. It's possible that your property is in a restricted country, which is preventing us from listing your property on channels. 

If you have any questions why your property listing(s) are not live or need any help reach out to our support team through live chat on your Travelnest account or via email at owners@travelnest.com.

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