How to offer exclusive discounts for direct bookings

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What is the Direct Discounts feature?

Our Direct Discounts feature allows you to offer discounts to guests who book directly with you through the Direct Booking website or on your own website. These unique discounts can be shared with guests through email, social media, or any other promotional channels, providing guests with a direct and easy way to claim discounts when booking. By providing discounts, you can incentivise direct bookings, avoid OTA fees, and create custom codes and links. You can choose a percentage or fixed amount discounts and even set expiration dates for short-term promotions. 

How to find direct discounts:

  • Log in to your Travelnest account, click the 'Direct' tab, and our platform will take you straight to your Direct Booking page.

How to create direct discount links:

  • To create a direct discount link, click on the 'Direct' tab, where you'll find your Direct Booking listings. Scroll down to 'Tools and Settings' and select 'Direct discounts' (e.g. screenshot below).

Click ' Create discount ' to create your first discount and offer it to potential guests (e.g. screenshot below).

How to generate or create your own direct discount code:

  • In this section (e.g. screenshot below), you have the option to click on 'Generate Code' to have a discount code generated for you, or you can create your own discount code. In the example below, we've created a custom code called 'Direct - 10'.
  • Discount types: You can choose between two different types of discounts - percentage (e.g., 10%) or fixed amount (e.g., £100). In the example below, we've chosen a 10% discount. For example, a 10% discount on a £600 booking would be £60.

  • Set an end date for the discount: If you want the discount to run until a specific date, click on the 'dongle' icon to open the calendar view and select the end date. Otherwise, the discount will run until it is removed. Finally, click on 'Create discount'.

How to share your direct discounts:

  • After creating your discount, wait a few minutes before sharing. You can 'Copy the code' and share it with guests, who will be able to add the code when they check out.
  • Or use the 'Copy shareable link' option. Share the link on your website, Facebook, WhatsApp, or SMS. The link will automatically display the discount when people book.

How will the direct discounts be visible to guests on my direct listing?

  • Guests will see the applied discount when they follow the provided link (e.g. screenshot below). As they proceed with the booking process and add the dates, the discount will be visible in the booking breakdown already applied.

How can guests apply a direct discount code if they haven't clicked on the direct discount link?

  • Guests can apply a discount code even if they haven't clicked the discount link. Once they click on 'Reserve', they will see a section where they can enter the discount code. Whether they have a code without the link or want to change the code from the provided link, they can easily do so by entering in the discount code section (e.g. screenshot below) and clicking 'Apply'.

  • All you need to do is create and share your link wherever you want, or provide the code to your potential guests.

We've put together a helpful video guide to help you create direct discounts:

Frequently asked questions:

Can I change my pricing to offer discounts?

We offer the ability to provide discounts instead of changing the pricing to maintain a level playing field between what you advertise on your website and other channels such as Airbnb and This ensures that your property's position on those platforms is not negatively affected.

I have an idea to improve things, how can I share this with you? 

We welcome and even encourage feedback from our valued customers. If you have a suggestion you think could make the Travelnest product better, we’d love to hear it! Please email or click here to fill out our survey.  

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